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Project 70 - OBG
Ripple Angel

As usual,
I didn't follow the pattern exactly.
The sleeves have an extra row.
This was an "unplanned pattern change" but I decided to leave it.

When I got to the wings, I liked how the ripple pattern looked.
I didn't want to flatten them out
so I crocheted around a piece of  wire when I did the top edge.

Since I didn't stiffen the wings or the angel,
I just left the styrofoam cone in the skirt
and glued a pieace of ribbon around the bottom edge.


CroDolls - September 2003

This is another crochet-along project that
took me a while to get to.

I have since learned that the pattern can be found at
Barbie Basics.
It is called Lacy Evening Gown
by  Lynn Sears


OBG - Project 74
Doll's Pineapple Dress

This pattern was designed for a 7 1/2" doll.
I was going to use a  6 3/4" doll I got from Annie's Attic
but I decided to use my 8" Ginny doll instead.

As a child I played with Ginny, not Barbie.
I made hand-sewed clothes for my dolls from scraps of material
left over from my Grandmother's quilting materials.

When I moved from Ohio to California,
my mother gave all my dolls to a little girl in the  neighborhood.
I was fine with it at the time, but when I had a little girl of my own,
I wished I had my dolls to give to her.

On a trip to Solvang, I found a store selling Ginny dolls, newer ones, of course.
So, rather than a 50 year-old Ginny, this is a 20 year-old Ginny

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