Crochet-Along Projects

OBG - Project 34
June Bride
This pattern is from an old Red Heart Book
called All For Dolls - Book 270.
The picture on the front of the book
doesn't do it justice.

OBG - Project 28
Crochet Granny
OBG - Project 40
Angel of Hope
American School of Needlework -
Fashion Doll Angels

OBG - Project 47
The Shaded
Pink  & Lavender Doily
American Thread Co. - 1953

OBG - Project 46
The Square Doily
with Rose Center
American Thread Co. - 1953

Note:  It is not always a good idea to use a
variegated thread in a doily.
The pattern of the doily can get lost
in the uneven coloring.
In the Valentine Doily,
the hearts actually disappear.

OBG - Project 54
Valentine Doily
OBG - Project 53
Ring of Love Doily
Hooked on Crochet #103

Doll Crochet Lovers - October, 2001
Christmas Holiday Costume
Annie's Attic -
Fashion Doll Holiday Costumes
I significantly changed the pattern.
The hat is the same,
but I completely changed the skirt
and did not add any of the embellishments that were originally shown.
I  also added the cape, which was my own design.

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