Knight Vision cop's the time bonb, the other's the fuse...
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"I'm impressed, " Lieutenant Beaumont said.  "You two sure know how to get results."
"But?" Joe asked.
"But, you seem to be butting heads throughout the entire investigation...
...I would like to know how you would feel about continuing as partners."
"No can do, Lieutenant," Levon protested.
"I don't think it'd work, Lieutenant," Joe agreed.
"Good," she finished.  "You start work tomorrow 8 o'clock......both of you."

from "Mirrors (Pilot)
written by Michael Butler, Eric Blakeney and Gene Miller

Houston Knights is a series that ran in 1987-88.
It was cancelled far too soon.
The show ran on CBS and was created by
Michael Butler and Jay Bernstein.

If you would like to know more about Houston Knights,
Houston Knights TV:
Home of Levon Lundy and Joe LaFiamma
has just about everything there is know.

The Episode List has a summary for each episode.

If you did not get to see the pilot,
or if you would like to revisit it,
take a look at MIRRORS.

Houston Knights Episodes:
          Episode List

               summaries of each of the 31 episodes
          Mirrors  (Pilot)
              as it was in the beginning -
                   straight from the horse's mouth -
                   so to speak

Houston Knights on Facebook
          Houston Knights

Houston Knights Fan-Fiction

The Houston Knights Cast

Michael Beck Pics


They had been running through the woods. They were being chased.
Cut and bruised, they had stopped a moment to catch their breath.
”Well, you got your way of doin’ things and I got mine, Lundy.”
“Wha’ do you say we put ‘em together again?” Levon said as he tied his kerchief around the cut on Joe’s leg.
“Well, they do have a way of working, don’t they?”

from "Crime Spree"
written by George S. Dinallo

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