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OBG  -  Project 75
Starburst Pineapple Doily
This pattern was one of the Annie's Attic Daily Free Patterns.
It is from Old-Time Crochet Magazine, 1997

I didn't quite follow the pattern exactly.
It called for Size 30 thread; I used Size 10.
I was having trouble with getting it to lie flat,
so I ended up having to increase the chains on most of the rows.

OBG - Alternate Project #3
Spider Doily
This is an old American Thread pattern.

It's hard to see, but I added a shimmery thread because I didn't want plain black.
OBG - Project 80
Shells Shawl

This is my first shawl.
I'm not fond of fringe, unless it's on a leather jacket
(remember Mod Squad?)
so I did a simple chain loop border.

OBG - Project 33
Tree Top Angel

In order to make this a tree topper,
the legs have to be removed from the doll.
I used a dollar store doll.


OBG - Project 82
Rose Ring Doily

I did not make the whole doily.
I just did the center
then added a border to finish it off.

The original pattern is available at Free

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