Crochet-Along Projects

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Oct. 2003 - CroDolls
Project 58 - OBG
Maypole Ball Gown
It took me a long time to get around to doing this one,
but I'm glad I did
because it came out even nicer than I imagined

Project 51 - OBG
Pretty Princess
I deviated from the original pattern again.
The skirt is a separate piece and is done according to the pattern.
The bodice was done using a different pattern
and I attached the underskirt to the bodice.

OBG - Crochet-Along
Project 72
Magnolia Breezes
I omitted the top row of lace on the skirt
because I just couldn't get it to lay nice.
Also, I didn't like the hat in the pattern
so I made a necklace instead.
Project 56 - OBG
Pineapple Posy Doily
Project 64 - OBG
Prairie Star Doily
Alternate Project 1 - OBG
November Doily
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