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It all started wtih a crochet-along at Beansprout Creations ... but I got on a roll and made a few more.
These ten patterns
are from Beansprout Creations.
I think they're all still there
except for the sweater ornament.
Happy Holidays Crochet Amigurumi
by Gourmet Crochet
Vanna's Glamour Fancy Ornament
Lion Brand
I think I should have used
more than one color for this one.

Ball Ornament
by Beverly Casey
Crocheted Chirper Ornament
Red Heart
The one in the picture looked more like a bird.
I'm just not good at assembling pieces.

My Stocking Ornament
         by Suzetta

After making the candy ornaments above,
I thought about making peppermints.
instead of trying to do a new pattern
I just used the body from the
Peppermint People pattern.

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