Christmas Crochet

Peppermint People
by Angela Winger

First I bought the kit to make the ornaments in thread.
Then I bought the kit to make them in yarn.
... only to find out that the pattern
was in the December 2005 issue of Crochet World
...which I had all along.

That's what happens when you have more
patterns than you can remember.

Christmas Tree Runner
by Glenda Winkleman
Women's Household Crochet, Winter 1992
I used my angel and filet runner
to decorate the table in my foyer.
Baby Girl's First Christmas Stocking
Baby Boy's First Christmas Stocking
by Priscilla Hewitt

Christmas Tree
by Susann Halverson.
Women's Household Crochet, Winter, 1992
This tree is one of the few patterns
I've made several times.

The Barbie Christmas dress
is from a crochet-along

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