Ornaments are fun to do.
They evoke the spirit of Christmas while crocheting and they are small projects.
I've made dozens.
Most have been sent away.
One traveled all the way to Australia.
 Just a crocheted ball
A glass ornament covered with thread 
These all started with satin
covered ball ornaments.

The satin covering is very fine
thread and, after time and
use, it becomes snagged.

The crochet cover perks them up
and they come with a place
for a hanging hook
The striped ball
also started out with a
satin covered ball,
but the satin thread was
so damaged I just
removed it all and
- voila -
a nice styrofoam ball
ready for a
crochet cover.
side and bottom views
These two are both from kits.

The wreath I got years ago from

The heart is not crocheted,
but it was fun to make
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