Christmas Crochet
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Snowman Toilet Tissue Topper
by Maggie Weldon
This comes out so cute.
Everyone who saw it, loved it.
I got my kit from Mary Maxim,
but it's also available at the Maggie Weldon site

Crocheted Tree Skirt
Family Circle Christmas Helps, 1983
I made this many years ago.
This is my version.
It had holly leaves on it, which I omitted, and I wanted it longer so I added a few extra rows
The pattern re-appeared in the Christmas Helps, 1989, issue.
Only, this time it was a Christmas Centerpiece
and the pattern had been changed from rows to crocheting in rounds.

Crocheted Christmas Oval Rug

I actually purchased this kit several years ago.  I meant to have it done by Christmas in 2010,
but I didn't finish it until after the first of the year.
We had purchased new furniture for our living room
and I decided that the rug made the perfect cover for our light colored footstool.
After Christmas, it seemed like a cover for the footstool was a good idea,
so I used the pattern to make a second rug in brown.
The holiday rug was a nice addition to our decorations
and the brown one looks really nice with our new furniture.



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