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The Cuddle-Up Teddy Bear is one of my favorite patterns.
It's from the Spring 1997 issue of Crochet Digest.
I have made many of these little bears.
I sometimes vary the pattern a bit by making the body a lttle larger or the legs a little longer.
I think the pattern is almost exactly the same as the "Beary" Cute Teddy
in the Premier Issue of Crochet With Heart.

I'm not real good at embroidering the eyes and nose.
I'm used to doing embroidery on a nice flat surface
and crochet is "bumpy."
I have tried using sewing thread but
I think I prefer using Sz 10 cotton.

I much prefer using sew on eyes.

This little guy was finished off
with sew-on eyes and a button nose


I needed a bear for a brand new baby boy,
so .....
off came the sew-ons.

First, it's just a bunch of pieces ...
... then, it's just cute.
The bear is the Cuddle-Up Teddy Bear from Crochet Digest is about 8 inches tall.
The Bunny is the One Skein Bunny from Caron. Made with worsted weight yarn, he is about 21 inches tall.
Mine is made with Size 10 thread and is only 10 inches tall.

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