Crocheted Toys
Pooska The Cat
from Joyful Toys web-site
Crocheted Rocking Horse
by Shirley Peters
Crochet World, April, 1992
Playmate from the Sea
      - from Workbasket, Aug 1988
  He has the cutest little derby hat , which, I'm sorry,  you can't see.
  I also changed his legs from tubes to soft curlies.
This is the same pattern done in thread.
He's about 4', the one in yarn is about 10".
Clown Toy
from Workbasket, Aug 1969

I changed his face a bit.
I thought the original pattern was
a little scary.
by Sheila Leslie
Hooked on Crochet #94
When my daughter was a toddler,
her grandmother brought back this doll from Texas
where she had been visiting her mother.
My daughter loved it.
She never was one much for dolls,
but this was one of the two dolls she actually played with.
It was soft and just the right size for her to carry around.

Many years later,
I found the pattern
a few years after that, I actually made it
The pattern is called
Delectable Collectables.
It's a Fibre-craft pattern from 1980

This is my version.
The only thing I changed
was I didn't put a pom-pom on the hat
and I made feet rather than using pom-poms
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