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1965 Grace Kelley's Wedding Gown

for Barbie
I really enjoyed making this gown.
Sadly, the pictures I took are not very good.
After doing the Afternoon Dress
this one was easy.
Only the the top of the petticoat is crocheted
and it also has beading.
I forgot to take a picture of the petticoat
The tulle I used for the veil is shimmery.
The lace edging is hand-sewn to the tulle.
Her bouquet is a string of white lilies.
Since they are white, they do not show up in this picture
I did not make the flowers,
I was able to find ready-made

The beading shows up a little better in this picture
The one problem with many of the crocheted
Barbie dresses is that crochet has tiny holes.
While it is not as apparent when you look at the doll,
photographs seem to highlight the bits of Barbie
that show through the crochet.
Rather than trying to make undergarments,
one solution is to actually paint the doll.
The Paradise designer
also paints the hands and arms
rather than making gloves.
I have not tried that yet.

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