Paradise Patterns
for Barbie
Paradise Publications has put out a series of wonderfully detailed period costumes.
The patterns are well written and
make beautiful use of beads, ribbons, lace, feathers and various other notions.


1883 Afternoon Dress
My first Paradise pattern
I saw this one in an advertisement in a crochet
magazine and just had to have it.
It called for pre-pleated ribbon,
which was no longer available,
so I had to make my own.

1965 Grace Kelly's Wedding Gown
The picture just cannot do this gown justice.
Unfortunately, I no longer have this gown,
but I enjoyed making it
and am considering making in again.
To see additional photos of this gown,
to to Page 2

1850 Dickens Christmas Caroler
I think the shawl is my favorite part of this dress

1910 Ascot Dress
"My Fair Lady" is one of my favorite movies
How could I not make this dress?
The hats on the Paradise patterns are always amazing.
This one reminds me of the
elaborate headpieces worn by Las Vegas showgirls.

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