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Priscilla's Crochet was one of the first sites I found on the internet.
As AOL and GeoCities and other web-hosting sites disapeared,
many nice sites were lost.
It's nice to know Priscilla's Crochet is still there.
I made her Fingerless Gloves pattern a long time ago.
I wanted something to keep my hands warm when I was at the computer.

Fingerless Gloves


When I wanted something for out-of-doors,
I found this pattern on Suzies Stuff,
another really nice pattern site.

I used a soft, worsted yarn
and the soft yarn
combined with the little bit of stretch from the crochet stitch
makes them really comfortable to wear.

Post Stitch Mitts


I don't remember how I found this pattern since
no where on the pattern
does it mention that it is a headband but,
I still had yarn left over after I made the mitts
and I thought it would make a nice set
Oh, I also tried to find out why
it is called a panta but had no luck with that.

The pattern is a little tricky
because the ripple pattern increases.
It also uses tunisian crochet for the ends.
I omitted the the tunisian part and just sewed the ends together.

Honey Panta

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