Crocheted Apparel

On a trip to Hawaii,
my mother-in-law learned how to make real flower lei.
Not much chance of me going to Hawaii,
so I found this book,
"Hawaiian Lei in Crochet."
It's a nice way to use up yarn.
My first sweater.
It's the Classic Pullover
Crochet World, October 1993

My first and only pair of socks.
It's a Needlecraft Univeristy pattern.
Not sure what I did wrong -
the foot is too big, the cuff is too small.
But I loved the yarn -
Patons Grace Sport


Two hats I made for charity.

I'm pretty sure the black one is
My Man's Hat
by Julie Bolduc
Just Plain Fun

I made the burgundy one quite a while ago and
I can't remember what pattern I used.



My one and only pair of crochet slippers.
It's a pattern I found on the web when I first went looking for patterns.

Ginger's Easy 25 Minute Slipper Pattern


I really enjoyed making this scarf.
The yarn was nice and soft and the color just seemed perfect for the pattern.

It's the Romantic Hippie scarf
from Crochet World Magazine, August 2009

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