A long time ago in a galaxy far away ...
well, maybe not that long ago ...
I was crocheting Barbie clothes for my daughter who never really played with dolls.

However, I did.
When I was a kid, I took scraps from my Grandmother's quilting supplies and made clothes for my Ginny doll.
I also spent a good part of my youth making my own clothes, thank you Simplicity, Vogue and Butterick.

I began to collect patterns and found crocheting to be wonderfully relaxing.
I am an avid reader and love libraries and book stores.
I originally bought my patterns, yarn and thread from Super Yarn Mart.
I loved walking through the isles of yarn just like I loved walking through the isles of books
Sad to say, that store is long gone.  I still miss it.

Because of my husband's work, we became emeshed in computers fairly early.
I don't really remember how it all came about, but eventually my husband suggested I get a website and
possibly sell the things I made.
I started out on Netcom and my site was completely designed and set up by my son.
He used the pictures I took to make the nice presentations here.
My husband came up with the name "Fanciful Threads."

After a while, my son found a program for me so I could do the webpage myself and,
when I began adding non-crochet content, he registered my domain name, "Arrow's Flight."
I was on RoadRunner for a while, then I moved to Geo-Cities and my page now resides on my son's server.
I'm afraid that one of these days he is going to want to use the space and I'll have to find a new place
....but I'm sure he'll help me, if it comes to that.

My son put a lot of work into making my first web-site and this is my way of thanking him.


"Judy" is from Springtime Frocks
an Annie Potter booklet
by Juanita Turner

"Marsha" is my own design.
using what I learned from
other patterns.

"RaeAnn" is one of a set of patterns in
a 1986 Workbasket magazine
by June Baird
I joined a "Craft 0f the Month"
club and with one of the projects
there was an add for
Workbasket Magazine.
I subscribed for a few years,
but it's no longer being published.


I think "Tanya" is either from
Annie's Fashion Doll Club or
Crochet World.
I'm still trying to track down the pattern.

"Sarah" is from Crochet World, June 1966
by Pamela McKee
I found Crochet World at a bookstore.
When they stopped carrying it,
I subscribed.
I still receive the magazine,
only now,
I just download to the computer.

"Rebecca" is from a FibreCraft pamphlet called Spring Prom
by Maragie Wicker

"Tina & Terry" and "Zoie" are both from
Sun & Fun Wear
an Annie's Attic pamphlet
by Juanita Turner

From Workbasket to Crochet World to Annie's Attic
.... it's been a fun ride.... and it doesn't end.
Magazines have come and gone,
yarns and threads have changed and evolved.
A lot has slipped through the hands of time,
but there always seems to be a new name,
a new style, a new theme to explore.

Keep on crocheting ... knitting ... crafting ...
painting ... drawing ... writing ... whatever ...
... just keep on dreaming.
Imagination keeps us alive.



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