Sheldon Leonard
Robert Culp
Bill Cosby

Executive Producer:   Sheldon Leonard

Produced by:   David Freidkin and Morton Fine
This series was about two international espionage agents who traveled the world.
Robert Culp posed as Kelly Robinson, a world-class playboy/tennis player,
and Bill Cosby was Alexander Scott, his trainer.
The show combined humor with action and intrigue.
"I Spy" was the first adventure TV series to be shot in exotic international locales.

I really loved this show.
I even wrote to the network (the only "fan" letter I've ever written) when it was cancelled.
A few years ago, a local station was running the series and I was able to record the episodes.
The copies were not good but it was great to have them.
Then, I received the complete set on DVD.   It is so great to have really good copies!

Episode List

Tidbits and Trivia

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