Stitches and Styles
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The Granny Square
The Granny Square is a traditional crochet technique.
Even though it's been around for a long time,
crocheter's continually find new ways to update its image.
It is basically a square that is crocheted in rounds instead of rows

How to Crochet a Granny Square.
Granny Square

If you're doing Granny Squares,
you'll probably need a way to put them together.
Here's a few suggestions:

How-To's For Joining Granny Squares
No Seam Join

Plarn is "yarn" made out of plastic grocery bags.

How to make plastic yarn
Marlo's Crochet Corner


The Trinity Stitch
The Trinity Stitch is one of the stitches used in the
63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine To Make An Afghan leaflet by Leisure Arts.

YouTube video turorial by Teresa Richardson
Written Tutorial with pictures at Yarn Tomato

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