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It seems one can never have enough information.
Here are some of the things I've found in my crochet wanderings.

There is no such thing as
too much yarn
not enough time!

Just Getting Started   How to Crochet -- For Beginners
Lion Brand Yarns:  Learn to Crochet
Red Heart:  Learn to Crochet
Craft Yarn Council:  Learn Single Crochet
Crochet Spot:  How to Crochet:  Single Crochet Stitches


Basic Crochet Stitches
There are many stitch guides for the basic stitches available on the net.
Here's a few.

Annie's Attic, Crochet
Haas Design
Lion Brand Yarn


There are

The Adjustable Ring
The Adjustable Ring is a beginning technique for crocheting in the round.
It is particulary usedful for amigurumi because it eliminates the hole left by other techniques.

Starting a round:  The Magic Adjustable Ring
Adjustable Ring:  Working in the Round

The Afghan Stitch or Tunisian Crochet
The afghan stitch is done using a longer crochet hook.
Loops are place onto the hook and then crocheted off without turning your work.

Crochet Cabana:  Tunisian Crochet - Afghan Stitch      
Vicki's Crochet Designs:   Afghan Stitch Basic Instructions
Crochet N' More:   Afghan Stitch Dishcloth  Tunision Crochet
crochetme:  An Introduction to Tunisian Crochet
Crocheting the Day Away:  Tunisian Crochet How To
Stitch Diva Studios:  Tunision Crochet
Kim Guzman:  WIPS 'n Chains:  Stop the Curl

Crochenit, On The Double, Crohooking, or Croknitting are similar techniques using the same stitches
but you use a double ended hook and flip your work.

Crochenit:  Crochenit
Crochet On the Double:  Crochet On The Double
Cro-Hooking:  What is Cro-hooking?

The Alicia Stitch
The Alecia Stitch is a cluster stitch pattern from 1917.  Alicia Stitch Free Instructions  Vintage Crocheted Alicia Scarf or Shawl

From the Japanese word "Amu" meaning "to knit" and "Nuigurumi" meaning "doll,"
amigurumi actually refers to crocheted dolls. In general, amigurumi are typically animals
and have large, round, oversized heads on cylindrical bodies.

Squidoo:  Amigurumi (crocheteddolls)
Roxycraft tutorials:  Amigurumi lessons
Roxycraft:  Patterns That Don't Suck  Not Always Cute and Cuddly Crochet

     Aran crochet is a style.   It's just like the fisherman knit sweaters that you see.
The patterns use popcorns, cables and various raised stitches to make the designs.  History of Aran Sweaters
Aran Crochet Joyce's Way:  Aran Crochet done the Joyce D Jones way
Yarn Lovers Room:  Aran Pullover

Basic Oval Shape
This is good for rugs, placemats, potholders ....
How to Crochet a Basic Oval Shape

Bird's Feet Tracks Stitch
This stitch pattern seems to have come from a 7" square designed by Janet Rehfeldt.
It makes an interesting texture.

Knitted Threads (from the web archive site):  Bird's Feet Tracks Stitch

Blanket Stitch Edging
The blanket stitch is actually an embroidery stitch that can be used
to make a simple, decorative edging for a crocheted piece.

How To Do A Blanket Stitch Edging

Broomstick Lace
- also called Jiffy Lace -
Broomstick is an old technique that uses a knitting needle or wooden dowl.
Using a crochet hook, loops are put on the needle and then crocheted off in groups.

South Bay Crochet :  Broomstick Lace Tutorial
Crochet Cabana:  Broomstick Lace (Jiffy Lace)

Camel Crochet
Camel crochet appears to a copywrited "name" for a crochet technique.
Rather than inserting the hook under the top loop,
you insert the hook in the horizontal bar that is below the top loop.
CrochetKim has a good description.

There is a pattern that can be found on the WebArchive
- Hump Granny Square -

Clothesline Crochet
This is a technique where the stitches are worked over a core of clothesline or other cord

Priscilla's CrochetClothesline Crochet

Get To Know Them:  The Different Types & Techniques of Crochet
Compiled by Dee Stanziano
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