Make a Pretty Package
Use letter stencils to send a message.
Punch out the insides of cardboard alphabet stencils.
Use double-sided tape to adhere
patterned papers to the letter outlines; trim.
(Or trace the pieces onto the papers, cut out,
and assemble.)
Wrap a band of solid-color paper around the package;
tape in back.
Tape the letter pieces on top, forming a word.
Add A Tag

Glue decorative paper over the
punched-out interiors
(the throwaway parts)
of a paper letter stencil.
Glue the "monogram" to a manila shipping tag.
Trim the bottom with colored masking tape,
folded over to the back of the tag.

Instructions by Jody Garlock  /  Photos by Cameron Sadeghpour  /  As shown in Better Homes and Gardens, December 2011
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