Crochet Purses
by Jennine Korejko
ASN Crochet Purses on the Go
Button-down Bag
by Jennine Korejko
ASN Crochet Purses on the Go

I didn't use a pattern for this one.  It's just done in single crochet.
It's hard to see,
but the flap has a diagonal decrease from the button to the top corner

One of the fun thing about making purses
is being able to use the cool buttons you've been collecting.

Pink Rose Purse
by Maria Merlino
Quick & Easy Crochet, 1993
Nope, not a purse.

Paperback Tote
by Priscilla Hewitt

Mine came out a little larger
than it should have,
but it works
Cardinal Pouch Necklace
by Deborah K. Lauro

This is also my own pattern.

I used this one to show how
I make and attach the lining.

Lining a Crochet Purse


This is basically the same purse.

I just made the purse a little larger
and the straps a little shorter.


Eight-Pocket Two-Tone Carryall Tote
Lion Brand Yarn

I really like this pattern.
I did not do the two side pockets tho',
instead I put two pockets inside .
I used this for four days at a jazz festival.
The straps did stretch,
but it did carry quite a bit.

I also found the coolest material for the lining.
My daughter said it "looked like me."

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