Crocheting Without A Pattern
Since my lamp table sits next to a nice chair, it's a good place to read
Sitting in a comfy chair while reading a good book
requires something warm or cold to drink.
The table is small; I figured a coaster would never stay on the table.
So, I started with a Christmas Tree Skirt pattern and Size 10 thread
and improvised from there.
Voila!   A coaster that doesn't fall off the table.

My bread machine sits on top of my refrigerator.
I basically started at the bottom and worked my way up.
The machine is pretty much shaped like a barn.
I made a chain that fit around the bottom,
then single crocheted in rounds
until I reached the part where the ends tapered like a roof.
I decided where I wanted the corners to be,
then continued to work in rounds, decreasing at each corner.
When the piece was tall enough,
I just slip stitched the sides together to close the top.

When my mother-in-law's arthritis was getting to her,
we bought an electronic jar opener so she wouldn't have to call for help
just to open a jar.
It's a rather large appliance, but it works pretty good.
It's not used anymore, but it seemed wise to hold on to it so,
I crocheted a cover for it.
I made it pretty much the same way I did the one for the bread machine.

I have a small bookcase that is on the back side of a kitchen counter.
Of course, it's become an extension of that counter.
It was an inexpensive little bookcase and, after a while,
using and washing the top took it's toll.
I basically made a long potholder... and it works well.
I used Helena's Potholder Stitch.
I use it for all my potholders.

Iinstructions can be found at:  The Best Crocheted Potholder

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