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This is a nice pattern
- easy to do and looks nice -

My first attempt seemed a little too loose and stretchy.
I made it again using a smaller hook and I shortened the "handles."

The cotton yarn still stretches quite a bit when it gets wet.
I'm not sure what to do about that, but it is still a nice pattern.

The yellow towels are a purchased towel with crocheted tops.
I just happened to have cotton yarn that matched the towel.
I did not use a pattern for the crocheted top.

The multi-color towel is crocheted.
The pattern is Peachy Kitchen Twosome
by Roberta Maier, Crochet Digest Magazine.
I'm not sure I like the crocheted towel

These are purchased towels with crocheted tops.
I have a sketchy pattern but,
as you can see,
my tops never come out exactly the same.
You can see my "sketchy pattern" here:
Crocheted Towel Topper

Potholders !   I love potholders !
I use Helena's Potholder Stitch.   It makes a thick, dense potholder.   I also like the "Magic Square."
When I come across a color of cotton yarn that I really like but don't know what to use it for,
I buy one ball or two and make a potholder.
And when I get tired of making potholders,
there's always coasters!

< Thermal Stitch Coaster                              Cross Center Coaster >

by Julie Bolduc, JPF Crochet Club

Basic Circle in single crochet                                                  Both of these are based on an old potholder pattern.
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