A few years ago, one of my daugter's friends was getting married
and she asked if I could crochet something for her.

I started with the ring bearer's pillow.
I found this pattern on E-bay.
I think it's from Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites.

The bride's colors were blue and rose.
The material for the pillow is actually a scrap from one of the bridesmaid's dresses.

The bride was afraid the ring bearer might run off with the rings
so I decided to give her an option.
I found two Swarovski hearts that had little crystals in them.
I put a gold and silver one on the pillow so she could
either leave the hearts or use their rings.


The bride wanted to carry a bible she already had
rather than get a new one.

She let me have the bible so I could improvise a cover.
I used white thread and a rose colored thread
for a simple decoration.


The bride had a lace handerchief from an aunt
so I decided to make one for her to give her mother
so she could have "something pretty to dab at her eyes
as her daughter walked down the aisle."

I don't do embroidery
so I got the hanky from HankyBlanks
with the initial done
and the edges already finished for crochet.
Then I crocheted a simple edging.


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