Crochet for Baby
My favorite baby afghan pattern is the Jamie blanket  from the Jamie yarn wrapper.

The pink/blue afghan is made with Lily Sugar Babies.
Sugar Babies is a little heavier than acrylic yarn would have been, but it is nice and soft
The blue/green afghan is made
with BernatSoftee Baby.
It made a wonderfully soft afghan

And another babyghan using the Jaimie pattern
and Bernat Softee Baby in white and her jeans ombre.
Sadly, the picture just doesn't show how pretty the colors of this yarn are.


Sweater and hat set
by Darla Sims, ASN Crochet Yearbook Vol. 2

Easy Newborn Socks by Linda Bohrn

Lily Sugar Babies bibs...'n booties

Cuddle-up Teddy Bear
Crochet Digest, Spring 1997
This is my version of
"Mary Jane" booties
Hats and Booties made for Charity.
Half-Double Crochet Preemie Baby Cap by Susan B                                    Crocheted Newborn Hat from Newborns In Need
Baby Cap by Cindi Slatton                                                                            Susan B's Preemie Baby Cap
Ruffled Baby Cap by Sherri Kessler
  Easy Newborn Socks by Linda Bohrn                                                              Cutie Booties by Susan Ann Smith
Preemie Baby Booties by Sharon Flaherty                                                         Bev's Really Quick Newborn Booties
 Simple Preemie Size Baby Booties by Denise Augustino                           Quick & Easy Preemie Leg Socks by Myra Ann Shaw

Baby Blue Stripes and Precious in White
American School of Needlework
I found both of these patterns at


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