Crochet for Barbie

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Evening Dress & Jacket
by Dianne Driver
Crochet World, February 1996

The dress is Rosey
by Joyce Bishop
"Pretty Ladies," the Needlecraft Shop

The top is from the Genie Outfit
by Peggy Longshore
Annie's Fashion Doll Crochet Club


On-line pattern
The Crochet File Box

Independence Angel
Annie's Attic
Magic Moments Gown
by Eileen Garrett
Annie's FD Crochet Club
Basic Skirt and Top
my own design
Sunsuit with Separate Skirt
by Lori Laversdorf
"Fun In The Sun," Annie's Attic
Witch's Costume
by Carla Krueger
Crochet World, September 1991
All Hallows Eve
by Karen Daniel
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