Diagonal Crochet    
    I haven't actually tried this yet,
but here are some of the links I've collected, just in case.
Not all these patterns use the same stitch. 
Usually when people look for the diagonal stitch,
I think they're looking for the diagonal box stitch

The Diagonal Box Stitch
     by Sandra Petit @ Crochet Cabana
     This site has a video tutorial with some basic instuctions for making an afghan.

Corner Start Stitch or Diagonal Crochet Stitch

     This is from KnotGarden but the site is gone.
     I found it on the web-archive. This site also has pictures of the work in progress.

Corner Start Tutorial

     This is a sample pattern to practice on.  This is also from KnotGarden.

How To Do Corner Start Diagonal Crochet

     Instructions, no pictures, at about.com

Diagonal Shell Photo How To
    This is a diagonal pattern using a shell stitch. It's from crochet about.com.

Corner to Corner Afghan
     This pattern was originally at Smart Yarns, it no longer exists. I originally found it on the web-archive,
     but it is no longer there.  It now appears to be hiding at a Project Linus site.

Diagonal-Stripe Throw
     I found this one at Michael's, but it is actually a Lion Brand pattern.

Diagonal Hues
     This one was in onw of the Talking Crochet newsletters.
     It's from the Great Big Crochet Afghan Book, 2003.

Diagonal Textures Afghan
    If you're feeling really adventurous, try this one.
    It has six different stitches done on the diagonal.  It's from a Crochet Along done by Priscilla Hewitt.
    I found it on the web-archive site.

SunSet Afghan
     This is a pattern from 1937.  It was on Celt's Vintage Crochet site.
     It appears to be a combination of diagonal and ripple.
     Celtwich's site is no longer active.  She now has a Yahoo Groups site: Celt's Vintage Crochet.
     Although I found it on the web-archive site, it has been posted to a blog.

Diagonal Afghan
     This was on the DebGirlPower site.  I found it on the web-archive site.

Crochet Corner-to-Corner Throw

     This pattern was on the Coats and Clark site.  It is now at Red Heart

Bright Eyes Baby Throw 
     This is a Lion Brand pattern.

1-2-3 Easy Diagonal Shawl/Scarf
     This is a nice pattern from the Lion Brand web-site.
     You may have to register to look at this pattern.

Diagonal Pattern Scarf
     This is a pattern from 1964.  It was also on Celt's Vintage Crochet site and
     can be found on the web-archive site. .

Suzie's October Scarf Diagonal Block Stitch

     A pretty scarf.  It looks like the diagonal box stitch done as a rectangle.

Diagonal Washcloth
     This pattern is by Brenda Stratton.
     She has a new web-site, but this pattern is not on it.  I found it on the web-archive site.

Diagonal Dishcloth
     This is on the Crochetville forum.

Diagonal Block Stitch Square
     This one is by Susan Smith.  Another pattern found on the web-archive site.

Diagonal Granny Afghan
     I found this on the Michael's site, but it is a Lion Brand pattern.
     It is not crocheted diagonally. The granny squares are placed in a diagonal pattern.

Double-thick Diagonally Crocheted Potholder
     This is also called the Magic Square.  
     If you don't like making two pieces and sewing or crocheting them together, you can make
     both sides at once with this pattern.

Diagonal Crochet Project
     This is a placemat pattern at From the Heart Stitchers



Many of the above patterns are from web-sites that are no longer on the web.
Although the archive site tries to get as many of the disappearing sites as possible,
many just disappear.
It just shows you that if you see something you like, you better print it out or download it at the time,
because, next time you look, it could be gone.
And even if it's on the archive site, you do need the URL to search for it.

Internet Archive:  Wayback Machine

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