About Me

    One August night many, many moons ago,
I packed some things in the back of my
Volkswagen, left the safety and comfort
of my home in Ohio and headed for

     Just like the pioneers, I heard the call
to go west.  Well, except for the horse-drawn
covered wagons.   I also had a TripTik from
the Auto Club, paved roads, gas stations,
Howard Johnson’s, McDonald’s and the
Holiday Inn.

     I settled in Studio City.  It was called Studio
City, I guess, because there were lots of little
studios there as well as various other film
related businesses.  Plus, lots of actors lived
in Studio City because it is close to
Universal Studios.  In general, it looked just
like I imagined California would look.

     Now, I’m a wife and a mom.  I like to read;
I like to write; I like to crochet.

     I have two children; a son and a daughter.
Two very different, very distinct personalities;
they're both intelligent and caring people.  Pretty cool, huh?

     I love seeing my children grow from bickering siblings into friends.  I am confident that they
will stay close and be there for each other

     I've had my own website for a few years now.
I started out with "Fanciful Threads," a place to
show off my crochet pieces.  I then made my
"Knight Vision" page as a place to post the
fan-fiction stories I've written.  When my son got a
domain name for me, I put it all together under
"Arrow's Flight."

     The fan-fiction stories are something I
started in the last several years just for fun.
The stories are based on an old TV series.


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